September 2020 – I don’t know how long Vitamix has been around, but Mom or Grandma didn’t have one. I do remember Mom having a harvest gold (to match her kitchen appliances!) blender with buttons that you pushed in for every speed. I don’t think we really used it much. Certainly, today Vitamix is a top brand of high-powered blender.

While they are very expensive to buy, I recently had the opportunity to get a Vitamix using my Air Miles (a reward points program here in Canada) to replace my older, less powerful brand. I was instantly in love and put it to work making smoothies, nut milk, nut butter, salad dressings, hummus and other dips and more.

The model I have is the Ascent Series A3500, but I think any Vitamix is a good choice. They all have a super powerful motor.

I was also able to get the Vitamix Food Processor attachment, also with Air Miles points. I was in need of a new food processor, and this allowed me to save some space – as the food processor attachment works with the same blender base.