Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we are often asked about the recipes on the site. If you have a question, please check here to see if it has already been answered.

 Q: What is a square of chocolate?

Many of our brownie and other recipes call for chocolate in the form of squares. Here in Canada baking chocolate is commonly sold in packages of individually wrapped squares. A square of chocolate is equivalent to 1 ounce or 28 grams.

Q: What are the measurements in these recipes?

The recipes on our site are in the North American Imperial measurement system. For a metric conversion chart click here. If you wish to convert the recipes for use with other measurement systems, you can find some helpful conversion charts here. It is not recommended to undertake conversion of baking recipes unless you are experienced in doing so.

Q: How do you freeze rhubarb?

Fresh rhubarb can be easily frozen to enjoy later on in the year, when rhubarb season is over. To freeze, simply wash and chop rhubarb stalks into recipe size pieces (e.g. 1/2 or 1 inch pieces). Pack rhubarb pieces in freezer bags or containers and place in the freezer. To use, just add the frozen rhubarb to your favorite recipe. You may need to increase the baking time slightly.

Q: How much is in a package of dry yeast?

Our bread machine recipes call for a package of dry yeast. Here in Canada, yeast is sold in individual packets, with yeast pre-measured to make 1 loaf of bread. Yeast is also available (and is less expensive) in bulk packages. For the type of yeast I use, 2 1/4 teaspoons is equivalent to a package. However, brands and types of yeast vary, so for best results, consult your yeast package, it will probably indicate the package equivalent or amount of yeast to use for a standard loaf of bread. Or refer to your bread machine manual for the recommended amount of yeast to use in your machine.

Q: What kind of flour is used in your recipes?

If the recipe just says “flour” then all-purpose flour is called for. Otherwise, the recipe will specify the type of specialty flour to be used.