Bread Machine Recipes

March 2000 – I don’t think my Grandma ever had anything but homemade bread in her house. And she made the best buns too – you could always count on getting a fresh bun when you went to Grandma’s.

So I learned how to make bread at a very young age (this was in the days before bread machines I mean) which I guess was an unusual pastime. I remember two ladies coming up to me in the grocery store (maybe I was buying yeast) and saying “aren’t you the little girl who bakes bread?” I looked around, there was no one else there, they must be talking to me!

Well, I grew up, started working, and who has time to bake bread anymore? Then bread machines were introduced – what a great invention! I had to have one, and I traveled all over Toronto trying to find a store that had one in stock. Now of course they are readily available. I finally found one, used it and used it and eventually wore it out. I am now on my second one.

Here are some of my favorite bread machine recipes. My machine makes a 1 1/2 pound loaf, so the recipes are geared to that size, and will also work fine in a larger machine.